Celine is pretty much like a modern poet

In the 2015 autumn and winter Paris fashion week, a gentle wind blows into a consistently simple Celine show. The flowers of the spring and summer is the continuation of elements, Celine type low-key calm; dress leather and soft fabrics by stitching, highlighting the ultimate pursuit of the texture of the female Celine. The coat skirt waist line, collar, cuffs and hem with fur trim, ladies fan children show. With the addition of the warm orange tone, this season makes the garments more warm and more energetic. Unicorns and cats are rarely used by these Celine animal elements to make shirts and cloaks not to be interesting.

Phoebe Philo once said, “it’s a privilege to be able to express yourself through a fashion.” This season’s Celine is the perfect realization of this motto. Celine women can H shaped skirt fine sweater, and wide leg pants, able to express and stylish atmosphere, can also be used to coat skirt shirt, skirt and silk sling cat waist to be a rich woman myself. It doesn’t have to be sharp at all times. It doesn’t hurt to show gentleness occasionally; as long as it is free and casual, fashion is easy to get. Phoebe Philo really understands the philosophy of Celine.

No matter from the parts to the design, production or material, CELINE products are very rich and delicate, but also emphasizes the harmonious collocation between the various products, in this series of clothing designers, again show the perfect harmony between products, the unique design of the bag model, both as optional collocation, and like elaborate design, from the color to the material and clothing perfect fusion, simple and the atmosphere, but also convenient and practical, reflect the unique style of a female and independent and elegant.

More and more brands will be beginning their own e-commerce business

LV sells products on the whole line this time, but some products need phone calls to ask for purchase and pick up stores (such as a Petite Malle’s show bag, the price is 68000 yuan). The price of the online product is the same as the entity store.

Chanel has said publicly that it will put more effort into the boutique itself. LV’s move is obviously more daring because Chanel’s previous attempts focused on jewelry and cosmetics products, but not for garment manufacturers.

An interesting detail is that LVMH group and Tmall Dadehuore, in cosmetics Guerlain, Sephora, and watch the tag heuer, even the real force have gradually entered the Tmall flagship store, but the LVMH group has spend a lot of energy for the LV set that is the official website of the platform, the luxury brands still do not want to control give it to the third platform.

At the same time, WeChat is also Chinese client large flow entrance in the mobile, Richemont is clearly more optimistic about this channel. Remember that Dior had sold WeChat handbags in the Qixi Festival day, hundreds of bags away, while Cartire also made WeChat orders, hand out door-to-door service.

The special history of Celine

CELINE was founded in 1945. It was originally the first store opened by female designer Cecile Withena (Celine Vipiana) in Paris, which started selling senior boys’ leather shoes.

After ten years, CELINE vipiana (C line Vipiana) will expand to ms.clothing, since 1959, has become the main project CELINE handbag.

In 1967, Ms. Celine Vipiana released her first ready-made clothing series and named them “Couture Sportswear”. It integrated Paris women’s elegance and elegance and the relaxed and comfortable temperament in daily life. Soon, a unique series of shirts, skirts, sweaters and windbreaker become the main logo CELINE garment series.

Celine plans to invest in sports shoes

In 1839, the American Charles Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber. By the mid 1870s, rubber sole was widely used, and the shoes were born. In 1990s, the street skateboard culture flourished in the east coast of the United States. At that time, several popular brands of skateboards and skateboard shoes were born. Later, with the Michael Jordan to return to the basketball game, the shoe culture began to form.

Remember the 2014 Celine show? When designer Phoebe Philo asked her models to wear Adidas Stan Smith “little white shoes” to match the minimalist and elegant women’s wear, the sneakers became the most fashionable configuration of the world’s mashup suits overnight.

Different from the main brand stores of the brand store and the sports brand, the “commodity covers a lot”, and the private shoe shop is also an independent form of selling shoes. The index of the shoe shoe store is more representative of the energy and trend index of the young people in the area.

Celine will try e-commerce

Celine will start with the “IT package” of clothing, shoes and leather goods. Business of Fashion website news says the site will be launched in France next week and will be opened in Europe and the United States next year.

Online sale has made LVMH’s rival Gucci of the group’s brand Gucci taste a lot of sweetness. The two brands of Gucci and Louis Weedon have also launched a new website in China recently. The Hermes brand also restarted its online business in the near future. The French brand, Chanel, has been keeping a distance from e-commerce, and the brand says it does not plan to sell the logo and handbags on line.

The LVMH group has recently denied Phoebe Philo will leave Celine news, in October this year, there is news that Phoebe Philo or departure from Celine, and is likely to replace Christopher – Bailey (Christopher Bailey) to become the new head of Burberry.

Celine can be bought online in France

Celine grabbed the tail of 2017 and launched a shopping website in France on Tuesday before the new year. In addition to the new 2018 spring and summer, it also sells classic handbags, accessories and clothing. It is reported that the Celine official business platform will go online next year in other parts of Europe and the United States, and the promotion of e-commerce in the Japanese market is scheduled for 2019. At present, only France, Corsica and Monaco are within the distribution range.

Although it is still a small attempt, but as the last brand of LVMH group entering the electric business field, Celine can’t help the consumer show the smile of the old mother. No stone has stirred up waves, but it is expected. The reason why people are not surprised is that a series of changes in Celine this year continue to renew people’s recognition of the brand. We can guess one or two about the future development trend.

At the beginning of this year, Pierre-Yves Roussel, head of LVMH fashion department, revealed that Celine plans to launch online businesses in some markets at the end of the year, and set up its own e-commerce website. And in April, Celine new CEO Severine Merle was in the office to show that the brand is going to be digitized. Two Celine ice breaking action in the process of digitalization has also attracted the attention of people, February suddenly in the social networking site Instagram pictures on the opening of the official account, as of now has 640 thousand fans; in November 14th, Celine went to the WeChat public platform, officially released the first only four words and a picture of self introduction, and the amount of reading has been nearly 10000. Obviously, fans are clear and non – repulsive to the Celine. Even if the Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Burberry and other luxury brands often on social networking sites, and all the stars and fans interact, Celine cold and low-key appearance is still popular.

Why will Celine fans be crying???

In recent years, fashion circles are constantly in turmoil. Designers are constantly changing horses and changing their homes. Many famous designers are even at home now. What is the fashion circle now? And what’s not expected is the creation of a myriad of IT ABG Phoebe Philo, CELINE creative director, and is going to leave! Everyone is lamented that you can’t buy the next CELINE IT BAG again, but fortunately, she’s going to BURBERRY as a designer!

Celine2018 spring and summer series, is the last series of Phoebe Philo in Celine. When YOKA little sister is in the show ground of Celine, she can see these broad shouldered pink suits, her overcoat and fluffy dress, slowly Printed Dress and romantic tassels. And even anticipate and fantasize what the next season would be like? It’s a pity that Phobe Philo has left Celine, and the fashion editors can’t buy her design at Celine again.

What is the sacred place of Phoebe Philo? A leave, let all people lament? She is the Celine from half-dead into the world first big designer, cold wind of the first person. Bring vitality for the brand since joining Celine in 2008, and sales rose Cengceng rub, and used this phrase to describe her most appropriate.

Celine will start up it’s own e-commerce business

The French brand Celine, famous for its cold wind and a rare mystery, has recently been on the headlines of the fashion media several times. Because once said that the brand that never touches the net begins to sell.

Recently, Celine’s ecommerce has been quietly online, and the products that can be sold online include clothing, shoes, bags and so on. Although electricity providers are now only in France for trial operation, it is expected that they will start in Europe and the US next year, but we can imagine that the road of electric business has been opened. China’s open electricity providers should not be far away.

Celine has been very cautious about digitalization, saying that the more the business is exposed, the easier the image is to get cheap. And the creative director, Phoebe Philo, has more than once openly expressed her disgust for social networks, and said she would never want to be an e-commerce provider if she could. The latest survey data released L2 in the digital survey showed that Celine digital ranking is indeed very low, the last fourth, while the first is just recently full of vigor and vitality of the Gucci.

But the development of the brand is often not calculated by one person. One side is that Phoebe Philo is leaving the brand that she creates countless explosions. At the same time, last April, Celine changed the new CEO, and the new boss had not yet entered the job, and made it clear that it would be a digital attempt.

Celine’s new creative director will take office next month

Hedi Slimane, born in Paris, France, in 1968, said in an interview that he wanted to be a journalist from a young age. Though I read a political preparatory school (he majored in political science and art history at Le Louvre Museum college in Paris), he later found himself not a journalist.

He had never been trained in professional clothing design, and was more than 20 years old when he was recommended to a clothing company as an apprentice by a friend. In 1996, Hedi Slimane joined YSL for the first time. The design master Yves Saint Laurent can be regarded as his noble. After discovering his design talent, Yves Saint Laurent and his long-term life and business partner Pierre Berge gave him systematic design training.

At the beginning of 2000, Hedi took over the work of the chief designer of Dior men’s wear. In the 7 years of Dior, he changed the loose and sluggish style of men’s wear in 90s. He added thin and thin style to his men’s dress design, and defined the aesthetic of a man in the age.