The French brand Celine, famous for its cold wind and a rare mystery, has recently been on the headlines of the fashion media several times. Because once said that the brand that never touches the net begins to sell.

Recently, Celine’s ecommerce has been quietly online, and the products that can be sold online include clothing, shoes, bags and so on. Although electricity providers are now only in France for trial operation, it is expected that they will start in Europe and the US next year, but we can imagine that the road of electric business has been opened. China’s open electricity providers should not be far away.

Celine has been very cautious about digitalization, saying that the more the business is exposed, the easier the image is to get cheap. And the creative director, Phoebe Philo, has more than once openly expressed her disgust for social networks, and said she would never want to be an e-commerce provider if she could. The latest survey data released L2 in the digital survey showed that Celine digital ranking is indeed very low, the last fourth, while the first is just recently full of vigor and vitality of the Gucci.

But the development of the brand is often not calculated by one person. One side is that Phoebe Philo is leaving the brand that she creates countless explosions. At the same time, last April, Celine changed the new CEO, and the new boss had not yet entered the job, and made it clear that it would be a digital attempt.

Celine will start up it’s own e-commerce business

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