In recent years, fashion circles are constantly in turmoil. Designers are constantly changing horses and changing their homes. Many famous designers are even at home now. What is the fashion circle now? And what’s not expected is the creation of a myriad of IT ABG Phoebe Philo, CELINE creative director, and is going to leave! Everyone is lamented that you can’t buy the next CELINE IT BAG again, but fortunately, she’s going to BURBERRY as a designer!

Celine2018 spring and summer series, is the last series of Phoebe Philo in Celine. When YOKA little sister is in the show ground of Celine, she can see these broad shouldered pink suits, her overcoat and fluffy dress, slowly Printed Dress and romantic tassels. And even anticipate and fantasize what the next season would be like? It’s a pity that Phobe Philo has left Celine, and the fashion editors can’t buy her design at Celine again.

What is the sacred place of Phoebe Philo? A leave, let all people lament? She is the Celine from half-dead into the world first big designer, cold wind of the first person. Bring vitality for the brand since joining Celine in 2008, and sales rose Cengceng rub, and used this phrase to describe her most appropriate.

Why will Celine fans be crying???

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