Celine grabbed the tail of 2017 and launched a shopping website in France on Tuesday before the new year. In addition to the new 2018 spring and summer, it also sells classic handbags, accessories and clothing. It is reported that the Celine official business platform will go online next year in other parts of Europe and the United States, and the promotion of e-commerce in the Japanese market is scheduled for 2019. At present, only France, Corsica and Monaco are within the distribution range.

Although it is still a small attempt, but as the last brand of LVMH group entering the electric business field, Celine can’t help the consumer show the smile of the old mother. No stone has stirred up waves, but it is expected. The reason why people are not surprised is that a series of changes in Celine this year continue to renew people’s recognition of the brand. We can guess one or two about the future development trend.

At the beginning of this year, Pierre-Yves Roussel, head of LVMH fashion department, revealed that Celine plans to launch online businesses in some markets at the end of the year, and set up its own e-commerce website. And in April, Celine new CEO Severine Merle was in the office to show that the brand is going to be digitized. Two Celine ice breaking action in the process of digitalization has also attracted the attention of people, February suddenly in the social networking site Instagram pictures on the opening of the official account, as of now has 640 thousand fans; in November 14th, Celine went to the WeChat public platform, officially released the first only four words and a picture of self introduction, and the amount of reading has been nearly 10000. Obviously, fans are clear and non – repulsive to the Celine. Even if the Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Burberry and other luxury brands often on social networking sites, and all the stars and fans interact, Celine cold and low-key appearance is still popular.

Celine can be bought online in France

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