In 1839, the American Charles Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber. By the mid 1870s, rubber sole was widely used, and the shoes were born. In 1990s, the street skateboard culture flourished in the east coast of the United States. At that time, several popular brands of skateboards and skateboard shoes were born. Later, with the Michael Jordan to return to the basketball game, the shoe culture began to form.

Remember the 2014 Celine show? When designer Phoebe Philo asked her models to wear Adidas Stan Smith “little white shoes” to match the minimalist and elegant women’s wear, the sneakers became the most fashionable configuration of the world’s mashup suits overnight.

Different from the main brand stores of the brand store and the sports brand, the “commodity covers a lot”, and the private shoe shop is also an independent form of selling shoes. The index of the shoe shoe store is more representative of the energy and trend index of the young people in the area.

Celine plans to invest in sports shoes

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