LV sells products on the whole line this time, but some products need phone calls to ask for purchase and pick up stores (such as a Petite Malle’s show bag, the price is 68000 yuan). The price of the online product is the same as the entity store.

Chanel has said publicly that it will put more effort into the boutique itself. LV’s move is obviously more daring because Chanel’s previous attempts focused on jewelry and cosmetics products, but not for garment manufacturers.

An interesting detail is that LVMH group and Tmall Dadehuore, in cosmetics Guerlain, Sephora, and watch the tag heuer, even the real force have gradually entered the Tmall flagship store, but the LVMH group has spend a lot of energy for the LV set that is the official website of the platform, the luxury brands still do not want to control give it to the third platform.

At the same time, WeChat is also Chinese client large flow entrance in the mobile, Richemont is clearly more optimistic about this channel. Remember that Dior had sold WeChat handbags in the Qixi Festival day, hundreds of bags away, while Cartire also made WeChat orders, hand out door-to-door service.

More and more brands will be beginning their own e-commerce business

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